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×The Research Center is open by appointment only Tuesdays – Fridays from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. For assistance or to schedule a research appointment, contact the Research Coordinator at research@nchsmn.org or 507-934-0591.


The mission of the Nicollet County Historical Society is to gather, preserve, and share the varied history of Nicollet County and Minnesota. Within our collections, researchers can find the material history of our county.

The Research Center at NCHS consists of an archival collection and a reference library of resource materials. Whether your interest is genealogy, the U.S.-Dakota War, or 4-H, the NCHS Research Center offers insights and information.

For research requests, to make an appointment, or if you have a question about the collection, please contact the Research Coordinator at research@nchsmn.org or 507-934-0591.

Do you have items to be considered for acceptance into the collection? Tell us about them. For examples of items we typically accept and those we typically don’t, as well as information about the process for donation, see Donations FAQ.

NCHS Archives

The NCHS Archives is housed in the Josie Stone Room, named after the Nicollet County Historical Society’s first curator. The Archives contain materials that illuminate and document the lives and activities of the residents of Nicollet County. These include:

  • Individual and family papers, such as journals, correspondence, and scrapbooks
  • Organizational records, such as meeting minutes, by-laws, and rosters
  • Business records, such as ledgers, correspondence, and advertising
  • Church records, such as membership, baptism and confirmation records, and histories
  • Photographs of individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and places
  • Military records
  • Plat maps and other county maps


Research Center

The Malcolm & Donna MacKenzie Research Center offers resources such as:

  • Research library of books relevant to the history of Nicollet County
  • Family histories and genealogies
  • Vertical subject files
  • Obituary index
  • Cemetery records
  • Phone books and directories
  • Nicollet County newspapers on microfilm
    • Lafayette Ledger, Feb. 27, 1942–Dec. 20, 1974
    • Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger, 1975–2004
    • Mankato Free Press, Dec. 2, 1940–May 31, 1956
    • Minnesota Free Press, St. Peter, May 27, 1857–Nov. 17, 1858
    • Minnesota Pioneer, St. Paul, Apr. 28, 1849–Mar. 11, 1852
    • Minnesota Statesman, St. Peter, Jun. 11, 1858–Nov. 15, 1861
    • Nicollet County Independent, St. Peter, Dec. 29, 1894–Apr. 25, 1896
    • Nicollet Leader, May 16, 1896–Jan. 17, 1958
    • North Mankato Review, Sep. 8, 1921–May 15, 1947
    • Saint Peter Herald, Oct. 17, 1884–2008
    • Saint Peter Journal, May 16, 1896–Jun. 30, 1903
    • Saint Peter Tribune, Feb. 8, 1860–Jan. 21, 1920
    • St. Peter Catechist, Aug. 28, 1874–Oct. 30, 1874
    • Saint Peter’s Courier, Apr. 26, 1855–Jan. 1, 1858
    • St. Peter Free Press, Apr. 20, 1859–Dec. 7, 1859; May 2, 1896–Oct. 30, 1925
    • St. Peter Junction, Sep. 17, 1971–May 17, 1972
    • St. Peter New Times, Oct. 31, 1979–Feb. 17, 1981
    • St. Peter Valley News, Jun. 27, 1982–Jul. 3, 1983
    • St. Peter Valley Trader, Jul. 11, 1983–Oct. 31, 1983

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