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Our historic sites lead to unique experiences and various discoveries of Nicollet County’s history. Trek around a centuries-old river crossing. Step back into Victorian era life on the frontier at the E. St. Julien Cox House. Be an interpreter of Minnesota’s largest land treaty at the Treaty Site History Center.

E. St. Julien Cox House

The E. St. Julien Cox House was the home of one of the earliest settlers of St. Peter. Eugene Cox was an attorney, St. Peter’s first Mayor, and a representative to the State House and Senate. The Home, built in 1871, is one of the few fully restored Italianate homes in Minnesota.

Traverse des Sioux

The Dakota Indians called this place Oiyuwege, meaning “the place of crossing.” French explorers called it Traverse des Sioux, or “crossing place of the Sioux.” For centuries, Traverse des Sioux has been a crossroads and meeting place for people of many cultures.

Treaty Site History Center

The Treaty Site History Center is the headquarters of the Nicollet County Historical Society. You can stroll through a restored prairie adjacent to the Treaty Site History Center. Located inside the Treaty Site, you can take in absorbing exhibits that change periodically through out the year.

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