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An exhibit highlighting the legacy of agriculture ​in ​Nicollet​​ County.

Unearth Nicollet County’s agricultural roots in our captivating exhibit, “Celebrating the Past, Cultivating the Future,” opening July 1, 2023. Step back in time to explore the earliest forms of farming and the tools Nicollet County’s earliest settlers used. Discover the railroad’s impact and agriculture’s role in shaping local communities. Learn about the lives and challenges of farmers, including the effects of droughts, floods, and grasshopper plagues. Explore the significant contributions of women on the farm. Finally, don’t miss the showcase of Nicollet County’s Century and Sesquicentennial Farms in each township case, celebrating the enduring legacy of these farms.

Join us as we journey through history and uncover the fascinating story of agriculture in Nicollet County.

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Monetary donations fund interactives, display props, design, fabrication, printing, and installation. Donate now or send a check to:
1851 N. Minnesota Ave. | St. Peter, MN 56082

Donate or Loan Items

Donate or loan farm-related items to bring farming history alive. We seek photographs, equipment, tools, and documents such as receipts, letterhead, and advertisements. Contact us to discuss your donation or loan items.

Gift of Time

If making a monetary donation isn’t possible right now, consider giving the gift of your time. Join us as a volunteer and explore various opportunities, such as construction, installation, outreach, and event planning.

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Support our exhibit by contributing to our Amazon wish list—a curated collection of items needed for its realization. Every purchase you make of these specific items will directly contribute to the success of this exhibit.

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