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NCHS Annual Meeting Canceled Due to COVID-19

The Nicollet County Historical Society Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 NCHS Annual Meeting due to coronavirus concerns. The Board explored several options, including holding an in-person meeting later in the year and a virtual meeting in January. After much discussion, it was decided the safest measure was to cancel the meeting.

We recognize that not all our members have access to the technology and Wi-Fi bandwidth that would allow them to participate in a virtual meeting. We value all of our members and want to ensure that you can take part in this meeting.

Even though the Annual Meeting is canceled, the membership still has business to conduct. A ballot for each voting member listed on any membership will be mailed in mid-January. The 2020 NCHS Annual Report will be available on the NCHS website in late January. Print copies will be available upon request.

If you have questions, please contact NCHS Board President Kate Martens at board@nchsmn.org or Executive Director Jessica Becker at 507-934-2160 or director@nchsmn.org.